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I just experienced my first EE System session at the Energy Wave Center™ in Sebastopol. The session was very peaceful and relaxing. The most noticeable effect is that my head is feeling much clearer than it has felt in a while. I have just booked a second session.


Cotati, CA

When first hearing about the EESystem, I knew it was something I wanted to experience. Since it was being offered at the Temple on Pleasant Hill, five minutes from my home, I scheduled an appointment. At 76 years old, I’ve led a fairly healthful vegetarian lifestyle for over 50 years and am in generally good health but I’d been noticing recently an underlying experience of fatigue and susceptibility to sinus issues. Also, since a fall about 7 years ago, there’s been chronic low back pain that has been especially noticeable during morning stretches.

The EESystem experience itself was like a very deep and peaceful meditation. I was awake, alert and relaxed throughout the session and was surprised that the two hours passed so quickly. Following the session, I immediately noticed an expanded sense of health, well-being and energy that remains with me a week later. Also, I’ve noticed that the low back pain is gone and that was a surprise in that I’d gotten used to living with it and forgot to include it in my healing intentions prior to the session!

I am so very grateful this technology is here and available now to support physical, metal and spiritual health during this great time of transformation on our planet.

Patrice Hanson

Sebastopol, CA

I am in the process of healing of cancer. Started with breast cancer and metasticised to bone cancer in left arm and through many organs and bones through out my body. When Debra told me about EEsystem, I was immediately drawn. I have only had one session so far, but am amazed at feeling so clear with such high energy. I experienced also a deepening in my meditation. practice. I am continuing to schedule as many sessions as possible, as I am experiencing such positive results!

UPDATE: I felt so good yesterday after the session, that I went out dancing to my fav group Fargo Bros in Guerneville. I haven't been out having great fun for 9 months...and certainly no interest in dancing, as I was feeling so sick from cancer and Chemo. Well, I danced my ass off last night...just had a wonderful time...and feel great today. 

Jane Eldridge

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2021. Last year around July 2022, I had a total of 8 hr EES session, (2 hrs every week) at a 24 unit system in Innovative Quantum Wellness, Newport Beach California. Then, I went to have a Dexa scan (bone density test) done in August, a month after the EES. The result showed that my bone density was increased to 5% and that I no longer have osteoporosis!

Eve Lynn

Author, The Honey of Friendship

I had a profound experience in my first EES session. I have been treating chronic Lyme for decades and recently have developed a frozen right shoulder and some other symptoms that had worsened. When the session first started actually feeling the bones in my face in jaw moving! I felt movement and opening in my cranial bones as well. Then the whole right side of my body felt like energy was slowly moving through it. I even felt more feeling in the bottom of my right foot, like a tingling. It then moved up the left side of my body starting at my foot. At times I felt sensations in my throat, my lower back and sacrum relaxing. When I got home I took a salt bath and laid down to sleep and the slight headache I felt after became intense with nausea. I knew it was a detox reaction so I slept and had a dream about a trauma that happened when I was 4. I woke up and was able to get up easily. My arm and shoulder didn’t hurt! My whole body felt 20 years younger. I was so excited that I wanted to call everyone and tell them at 7:30 am when I was usually asleep. Now it’s 1pm and I am still experiencing some detox and my arm is a little sore but I was able to cut a pomegranate myself. In general I feel much less anxious and am finding myself feeling some hope, something that I haven’t been able to feel for some time. I’m looking forward to seeing where my next session takes me. Deep gratitude that this technology has become available and affordable, and close to home. Thank you for helping our community!

Michal Victoria

Performance Artist & Pilates Teacher

Praise for the EESystem at the Energy Wave Center™

For the past 3 months, I subscribed for the Unlimited Monthly pass. I came to the Energy Center at least 1 session per day for 5 days most weeks. Occasionally, I attended 2 sessions, one right after the other.
The situation: Following a physical impact that caused an injury to the vertebral vessel deep in my neck on the right side, I began experiencing a series of strokes or TIAs (30-40) over the next 4 months. Late in July, it reached a point where I went to the hospital. Following extensive imaging, they identified the impact area, which unbeknownst to me, was causing the strokes.

A friend had told me the about the Scalar Wave technology of the EES systems used here at the Center. Immediately on my return from the hospital stay, I signed up for an unlimited pass. Even on the first visit, I noticed a very positive feeling. In short, here's a summary of results:
1. Absolutely no stroke symptoms of any kind since beginning the sessions.
2. I have a lengthy experience of psoriasis. Over the past 40 years, thanks to good diet and internal practices, it had very slowly diminished. Still significant patches still remained, sometimes resulting in severe peeling and itching. Since starting with EES, the psoriasis patches have DRAMATICALLY shrunk, in some cases, disappearing altogether. The rate of healing has definitely accelerated in a most noticeable way since starting at the Center.
3. At the time I began at the EES, I was still in a grieving process over the passing of my beloved wife of 44 years. I felt unmotivated about work and life in general. Within a few weeks of beginning EES, I attended a conference for which I had done the marketing. The first day or so, I felt like, "When is this going to be over." Suddenly the 2nd day, somewhat to my surprise, I experienced a burst of energy, interest, and enthusiasm which had been missing. I became engaged in my work, in the conference, and my business.
4. I have been working on a longterm research project for the past 35 years. I noticed that multiple times during a session, an idea would pop into my head and when I checked it out, it worked. So I would say that it lead to energetic openings beyond physical healing.
5. Further, by the end of my most recent session, I'd become very focused on some long forgotten goals and find myself creatively inspired to reactivate those directions.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative to the Energy Center staff and owners for making this resource available in Sebastopol. I particularly appreciate their attentiveness to creating a peaceful, spiritually inspiring space that provides an oasis of peace and healing.

Thank you!



I experienced an amazing healing during my recent visit to the Energy Wave Center in Sebastopol. As I relaxed in the EE System I felt a lot of strong sensation in the area where the injury happened. I felt pulsations of energy as my body focused its healing powers on that area in order to heal it at a deeper level through the support it was receiving from the EE System energy field. After my session it felt so much better! I feel the issue has been completely resolved at last - so many years after it happened!

Christine Tulis


It was really wonderful. I slipped into a state of complete relaxation and felt the energy move through me in waves. I will definitely come again and bring friends.



From the moment I walked into this field of amazing high vibe energy, I found after only 3 sessions I was regaining energy and stamina while also a much needed pep in my step. I can only hope more of us gift this experience to ourselves as we all deserve to be at optimal health.

Jennifer Fitzhugh

I Am So Grateful

I like the sense of the pulse and shift in quality of light and rhythm as seen through my eye lids. I decided to be present with an upcoming surgery date that I want to reschedule, looking to be wiser for trusting the experience and guidance. I have an angry scar on my forearm that gets irritated. I have observed that the site and appearance is reducing and much healthier looking. I observe good deep sleep after sessions. I heard someone describe a sense of moving better, sensually younger. Shyly I may somewhat agree. It 's subtle, the possible results (or finally Spring cometh).



On my first visit, I had my head near the monitor lying on the floor. I did immediately feel a sense of alertness and my mind seemed to be more clear with less clutter. I have mold in my brain so I am affected by E.M.F. I did have my hearing get very sensitive on the visit and I did have a somewhat strong detox reaction. I drank lots of water before and after and I did some memory tests after over an hour of the session as I do have damage to my language center in my brain. I did feel like I was able to recall some Latin names of Fungi that I had a hard time remembering. I also watched a movie that night and I saw the Actor Burgess Meredith in an old movie and was shocked that I remembered his name, as I am normally poor at remembering names.

Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs, Magic Mountain Percussion

My back had "gone out " about a week ago... I kept hoping it would rectify by itself, but no... When the session ended I reached down for my shoes— lo & behold!! No shock from my back!! [I] slept so deeply that night, too, which was unusual...

Ayala Talpai

Ferndale, CA

I have had four sessions so far and have received much benefit -- most importantly, in greater energy, body strength and clearing of mindfog. I had been suffering from weakness and exhaustion on an on-going basis, and now I feel much more grounded, awake and energized. Also it feels as if my gut and stomach have improved in what they are able to digest. In fact, I felt directed to greatly shift my diet after just a couple of sessions simply by what my body seemed to crave, and the new diet has worked well. I sense my whole body responding enthusiastically to the system, each time as soon as I walk in the room. And I immediately feel the "dialogue" or resonance that begins happening between them .I sincerely recommend that people try a session to see what happens. It can feel so good to walk out with renewed energy and clarity.

Vidya Frazier

Author and Quantum Healer

I am confident as we all continue to embrace this new technology, life will get better for everyone.

I have been following Dr. Sandra Rose Michael for about a year or more and was intrigued by this technology. I'm so grateful it has finally landed in my locale. There are parallels between my field of acoustics and this technology that reinforce my belief that this is the real deal. Null points in the acoustics of a room can dramatically effect my ability to make accurate adjustments to the mixes I work on. In the same way, the colliding Tesla frequencies create a null zone where the normal stresses of everyday life in this modern world get cleared so that the body can begin to rejuvenate. I recently had a session where I brought my mother in to get relief from the rigors of being in her 90s. We both had a great experience. I myself felt feelings of wellness and gratitude and thought sleeping might be hard in the middle of the afternoon. I caught myself drifting off half a dozen times. It was a positive experience and I look forward to returning next week! 

Harry Gale


My son suggested the EE System to me. Recently we had our first session. While open to the enhancements, I was not sure what to expect after only 2 hours, if anything. Actually upon leaving the Temple we did not notice anything, but after the short drive home, walking around the house I felt better. Not really able to explain in detail other than I was walking more upright with a feeling of normalcy, which at my age isn't normal. 🙂 This morning I woke up feeling 100% We'll be back soon! Thank you.

Isabel Gale


So far, so good! During my first 2-hour session in the EESystem in Sarasota, I felt all my cells rejoicing with new, fresh energy. The session was deeply relaxing, and I could feel the energy at work! I then slept really well afterwards.

Chiraya Dharma

Author, Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You