EEQube Healing Sanctuary

Community Market and Energy Wave Center invite you to enjoy COMPLIMENTARY SESSIONS in the Energy Enhancement System

Empower Your Body’s Self-Healing Mechanism

The EEQube is available for free sessions at
Soft Medicine • 186 N. Main Street • Sebastopol, California

April 4 - 18, 2024

About the EEQUBE & Our EESystem Center

The EEQube is a portable EESystem device which carries a portion of the energetic capacity of the larger EESystem at our Energy Wave Center.

25 Years of Research and Development – 1000’s of Profound Results

Our guests experience healings they never thought possible:

  • Increased Energy
  • Physical Rejuvenation
  • Detoxification
  • Greater Wellness
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Immune Function 
  • Trauma and Stress Reduction
  • Improved Brain Functioning
  • Emotional Harmony
  • Improved Post-surgery Recovery
  • Higher Consciousness

and much more!


How To Use the 50% Discount Code

We look forward to your visit to the Energy Wave Center™ where we have our 12-Unit EESystem installed. Use code QUBE50 for 50% off your first visit for yourself and any friends or family you wish to invite. Add the code at checkout when you book a session at

What’s the Difference Between the EEQube and Our 12-Unit System?

Whether you are in the room with the EEQube or at our Energy Wave Center™ featuring the more potent 12-Unit EESystem, this powerful container recharges the cells electrical capacity, supercharging your body’s natural healing ability.

How Does the EESystem Work?

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) creates a powerful field in the room where our bodies can more readily heal themselves. It does this by releasing scalar waves and biophotonic energy into the room while negating the effects of harmful EMFs on the body.

This can positively impact all the systems of your body including the immune system. Our wonderful bodies know how to take these positive vibrations to make the best use of them. Everyone will feel the energies in their own way.

This scalar wave technology emulates a powerful rejuvenating field, which is naturally present in all living things and the earth itself.

When deeper health issues exist, our clients report that greater intensity and longer duration over extended time in the system are impactful in reversing their various health crises.

Special Thanks To All Our Sponsors

This Special Installation of the EEQube at Soft Medicine Has Been Made Possible By:


Interview with EESystem Founder Dr. Sandra Michael

Enjoy this brief clip of an interview with Dr. Sandra Michael explaining more about how the EESystem works.