Recommended Protocols

Things To Do Before & After Your Session

Before, During & After Your Session

We strongly recommend drinking high quality water before, during and after your experience.

Please be sure your body is well hydrated before, during and after your EESystem session in the Energy Spa. You may bring your own spill-proof water bottle to your session. The more hydrated and mineralized your body is before and after the session, the better your results will be.

NOTE: We do not provide water on site so please be sure to bring your own (in a spill-proof container).

Setting your intention

To optimize your outcomes, consider creating a powerful intention for your desired results. This intention setting can also include praying to your higher power, visualization, and affirmations. As we all know, the intention of your mind and spirit can magnify your experience and results.

Take a Salt Bath 

The EESysem Energy Spa is detoxifying! This is part of the magic. To support you getting the most from your session and reducing any potential detox or ‘herxheimer’ reactions, please do consider following one of the protocols recommended after your session.

NOTE: If you are under a doctor’s supervision and wonder if it is ok for you to take a bath, please consult your physician or other licensed health practitioner first.

See next column for details.

Our Detox Bath Mix

Dr. Sandra Michael, the founder of EESystem, strongly recommends everyone take a Salt Detox Bath after your EESystem Session.

The Bath Protocol

  • Take your bath using our Detox Bath Mix (or use the alternative protocols below) within 24-hours after your session, to support the detoxifying effects that will happen.
  • Pour the Detox Bath Mix into your comfortably hot bath water. Alternatively, add another bath salt mix.
  • It is good to use hot water but, please be sure to check that the water not too hot for you before getting in.
  • Soak at least 20 minutes.
  • Repeat after each EESystem Session.

Alternatives to the Bath

If you do not have a tub to take a bath in here are some alternatives:

  • Do a salt scrub in the shower.
  • Brew and drink a Detox Tea.
  • Do a therapeutic Foot Bath, also with our Detox Bath Mix (or your own formula).
  • Go have a rejuvenating bath at the nearby Bliss Spa!

Make Your Own Salt Detox Bath

If you would like to make your own salt detox bath, you can use the following ingredients.

NOTE: The main differences of making your own versus using our pre-mixed formula is that ours contains EESystem hyper-charged salt, and is conveniently ready to use.

  • 2 c. Sea Salt
  • 2 c. Baking Soda
  • 1 c. Borax
  • Optional: 5-10 drops non-irritating Essential Oils