Important Details About the Energy Wave Center™ Overnight Stays Program

Please read this page to find important details about the Overnight Experience as well as to learn about the agreements we are inviting you to make should you choose to purchase an Overnight Experience

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Here is a mini-FAQ for the Overnight Experience. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

  1. What time should I arrive? 
    Please arrive no later than 8:45 pm on the night of your overnight stay to get settled in.
  2. Can I bring food?
    If you need to bring food, you can keep it in another room designated by the host. Please do not bring any food into the session room.
  3. What if people are snoring or making other noises?
    Please see the agreement below and make sure you are comfortable with all aspects, including the noise agreement. While we ask everyone to participate in reducing noises, some noise including possible snoring will be inevitable. That’s why we ask you to please bring earplugs or a noise cancelling headset if that would disturb you.
  4. If someone is snoring, can I get a refund?
    There will be no refunds for noise-related issues. Please be prepared by bringing noise-cancelling earplugs or headsets. If this is a dealbreaker for you, please DO NOT buy the Overnight Experience.
  5. Is there a restroom nearby? 
    Yes, there is a restroom nearby off of the main hallway. We ask you to bring a flashlight for your ease and grace in going to the restroom, as the lights of the main building will be off.
  6. When do we have to leave the session?
    We will gently wake everyone up at 7 am, to give time for you to become collected and gather your belongings to depart no later than 8 am sharp. 
  7. Can I bring my cell phone into the session room over night? 
    You can bring in your cell phone but it must be on AIRPLANE MODE all night long. 
  8. Can I listen to an MP3 player?
    Yes, you can listen on your device as long as you follow these three rules:
    1. Bring earphones for your device
    2. Keep it in Airplane Mode the entire time you are in the session room
    3. Texting, typing and receiving or sending messages is not allowed.
    4. Keep the volume to a minimum so other guests cannot hear it through your earplugs.
  9. What about water?
    Please bring your own water. You must keep it in a container with a closed lid. We do not provide drinking water so do make a point to bring your own please.
  10. What about bedding?
    We provide a high quality sleeping mat, and ask that you please bring:
    1. Pillow
    2. Sheets
    3. Blanket
  11. What about eye masks and ear plugs? 
    We have these on hand in case you need them, but we recommend you bring your own to ensure you have the variety of each that works best for you personally. 
  12. Can I leave the building and come back during the overnight program?
    We ask that you please plan to not leave the building while participating in the Overnight Program.

Thank you for reading this FAQ.

Overnight Experience Agreements

Please note the agreements we ask all Overnight Stay participants to make, to provide a welcoming and comfortable experience for all.

We look forward to co-creating a really wonderful overnight experience for you and all participants in the Overnight Experience!

Here are a few important agreements we ask you to remember and implement which will help everyone have the best experience.

  1. Please do NOT communicate via text or other apps on your phone while in the center. Be sure to leave your cell phone on airplane mode when in the center. Listen to meditations and music you have downloaded onto your phone with a headset turned to a low volume so the sounds do not disturb your neighbor.
  2. Please be mindful of making any kind of noise while in session and especially, between 10 pm and 7 am which is our designated quiet / sleeping time. We understand some noises will take place, and if everyone does their part to be mindful, it will be a better experience for all attending. 
  3. Please do not bring any food into the session room. You can bring a small cooler with food if necessary which can be kept in a nearby space designated by the host. 
  4. Please be sure to bring your blanket, pillow, sheets, eye mask and noise-cancelling headset.
  5. We provide you with a comfortable high quality sleeping mat. If you require something different and will be bringing it, such as a cot, please advise us in advance.

We truly appreciate your presence in the Overnight Experience as well as your cooperation with these important points! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

The Team at Energy Wave Center™️!