Om for Peace

Group Chanting Event in the Energy Spa

Experience Personal & Planetary Transformation

Event Hosts:

Emile Canning is a Mediator & former owner of The Integratron. He is a pioneer in frequency healing and personal growth. Producer of Peacewave Productions, creator of uplifting & peaceful events throughout California.

Ananda Fierro is an Advanced Bodyworker & Sound-Energy Healer, utilizing unique frequency medical devices to accelerate positive outcomes, for over 2 decades. She studied with Jill Purce, Sound & Ancestral Healing pioneer in the UK.

April 21, 2024
4:00pm - 6:00pm PDT • $25

Empower Your Body’s Self-Healing Mechanism While Meditating for World Peace

With so many disrupting global events, war and rumors of war, now is a great time to pray for Peace.

Open your heart and voice in a one hour continuous ‘OM’ chant experience within the energy enhancing frequencies of the EESystem & help send a positive vibration for World Peace. In the second hour we integrate, relax & meditate with alchemy crystal singing bowls.

NIH PubMed Studies show, ‘OM’s’ vibratory sensation in the ears spreads to the Vagus Nerve creating a calmer nervous system & greater mental alertness.