Sunday, July 21, 2024

6 pm • $35

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Activate Your Throat Chakra with Miracle Singing

A Special 2-Hour Session in the EESystem
with Angelic Music and Group Singing with Kiranjot

Kiranjot and the Energy Wave Center™ invite you to use your uniquely designed instrument — your voice — to chant the Divine Name, to remember who you are, and send love to every cell. In this sacred journey, we have the opportunity to remember we are separate from none and connected to ALL.

“When Kiranjot joins in our chants, her presence infuses the air… it’s as if love itself has manifested, weaving its gentle yet unstoppable threads through our hearts and souls.”
Asya Gashi founder of Om Chanting LA

Kiranjot Kaur is a Vocalist, founding member of Copper Wimmin, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Indian Classical music teacher, and devotee of the Divine Mother.

No longer interested in performance where the audience is separate from the performer, Kiranjot brings together her early experiences of community singing with Sweet Honey in the Rock and Bobby McFerrin with her love of Indian Music and Kirtan Traditions.

Kiranjot invites everyone to be transformed by the healing power of their own voice as well as the practice of singing together as ONE. From her travels through India to Chile and back she discovered that her favorite thing in this world is to inspire everyone regardless of their experience with singing to use their voices as a method of quieting the mind, surrendering to presence and revolutionary self-love.

Copper Wimmin were featured on Democracy Now and their song Bleeding Rivers was featured on the Showtime Television series The L Word.

In 2006 Kiranjot refocused her career around Indian classical music and spent five years living and studying under the guidance of her beloved teacher Dr. Ustad Narindar Singh in Amritsar, India.

Join us for this session at the Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Avenue North • Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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