Live In-Person Event In Sebastopol, CA!

EESystem Session with Ismael Perez

Meet Ismael at the Energy Wave Center & Enjoy the EESystem!

Tuesday, April 18 • 12 pm to 2 pm PST


About Ismael Perez

ISMAEL PEREZ is a Cosmic Ambassador that represents an intergalactic alliance— known as “The Covenant of Palador.” It is a cosmic treaty that was initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect, and guard the Earth from the Draco forces and the A. I. There is a collective known as the animus that he has been battling for over a million years and he can recall this from his past lives. 

He is regaining his memories of serving in off world programs— from being in a secret branch of the Super-soldier program known for fighting the A. I. throughout the multiverse. The majority of the starseeds that have volunteered for the call to rescue this planet, including Ismael— have been selected to come here and help. He is one of the inner council members who is here to bring forth the next level of cosmic disclosure that will restore our planet back to its original glory in fulfillment of the galactic prophecies. This information has never been heard of before on this planet.

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Ticket includes the talk and meditation with Ismael in the positive vibrations of our EESystem Lounge

Enjoy an “Energy Enhancement Session”, with Advanced Scaler Wave Technology, along with the spiritual teachings, meditations, and activations of Ismael Perez. Hosted at the Energy Wave Center in Sebastopol, the “Energy Enhancement System” combines Mind, Body, Spirit and Science to help you receive higher states of health, consciousness, peak performance and self-actualization.

This energy medicine treatment, will be combined with the transmissions of Ismael Perez, to provide not only a deep healing experience, but a very enlightening adventure. Tickets are limited so get your tickets now.

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What People Are Saying
About the EESystem

My son suggested the EE System to me. Recently we had our first session. While open to the enhancements, I was not sure what to expect after only 2 hours, if anything. Actually upon leaving the Temple we did not notice anything, but after the short drive home, walking around the house I felt better. Not really able to explain in detail other than I was walking more upright with a feeling of normalcy, which at my age isn't normal. 🙂 This morning I woke up feeling 100% We'll be back soon! Thank you.

Isabel Gale


I had a profound experience in my first EES session. I have been treating chronic Lyme for decades and recently have developed a frozen right shoulder and some other symptoms that had worsened. When the session first started actually feeling the bones in my face in jaw moving! I felt movement and opening in my cranial bones as well. Then the whole right side of my body felt like energy was slowly moving through it. I even felt more feeling in the bottom of my right foot, like a tingling. It then moved up the left side of my body starting at my foot. At times I felt sensations in my throat, my lower back and sacrum relaxing. When I got home I took a salt bath and laid down to sleep and the slight headache I felt after became intense with nausea. I knew it was a detox reaction so I slept and had a dream about a trauma that happened when I was 4. I woke up and was able to get up easily. My arm and shoulder didn’t hurt! My whole body felt 20 years younger. I was so excited that I wanted to call everyone and tell them at 7:30 am when I was usually asleep. Now it’s 1pm and I am still experiencing some detox and my arm is a little sore but I was able to cut a pomegranate myself. In general I feel much less anxious and am finding myself feeling some hope, something that I haven’t been able to feel for some time. I’m looking forward to seeing where my next session takes me. Deep gratitude that this technology has become available and affordable, and close to home. Thank you for helping our community!

Michal Victoria

Performance Artist & Pilates Teacher

So far, so good! During my first 2-hour session in the EESystem in Sarasota, I felt all my cells rejoicing with new, fresh energy. The session was deeply relaxing, and I could feel the energy at work! I then slept really well afterwards.

Chiraya Dharma

Author, Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You