Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem technology, describes it as having the perfect laser light acupuncture on every meridian and in every cell of the body simultaneously.
The EESystem does not treat any conditions, nor do we or the company make any claims. Sessions in the EESystem simply provide the body with harmonizing energies that empower the innate intelligence within it to clean house and realign.
Dr. Sandra notes that the EESystem is not a magic bullet, and although some people have life transforming experiences during their first session, the EESystem is most effective in combination with a healthy holistic lifestyle and an understanding of how we create our own realities through the power of thought, intention and will.
A clean diet, daily exercise, positive mindset, and clear intentions are foundational components of wellbeing and profound healing transformations. In addition to preparing your physical body, getting yourself into the right mindset before coming to a session is one of the most important ways to maximize your potential benefits from this experience.
Now, back to the energy: As Albert Einstein pointed out almost 100 years ago, all life is energy. He predicted, “Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”
While you relax in your chair, the soothing energy field permeates and recharges the cellular membrane potential of each of your 37 trillion cells back to their healthy range of between -70 and -90 millivolts.
Thanks to this increase in charge, the cells improve their potential to expel anything that is no longer needed, and your whole system is able to reorganize to a higher level of functioning.
The effects of sitting in this “charged” field are cumulative. The more you are in the field, the more your body can move toward a healthy cellular membrane millivoltage and balanced overall energy.

Please arrive up to 20 minutes before your session begins, so you can park, enter the center, and settle comfortably into your seat by the start time. We share important information promptly at start time.

  • Be sure to reschedule a minimum of 2-hours before your session! See full Cancellation and Refund Policy below:


  • Refunds are not available for purchased sessions. However, you may reschedule your session.
  • You must first cancel at least 2 hours before the session.
  • Then, you will have credit in your dashboard to book another session.
  • You do not have to reschedule your session right away to keep your session credit.


  • To reschedule a session, please “cancel” your session first in your dashboard.
  • Then, click on the “book now” tab in your dashboard to reschedule your session.
  • Whether you have purchased a package or a single session, your session will become available again in your account after canceling, as long as you cancel more than 2 hours before your previously scheduled session.
  • Simply choose the new session you want to book, and proceed to ‘check out’ where you should see a zero balance if you in fact did retain session credit.

If you know you will be late, we ask that you please reschedule your session 2-hours before your scheduled start time. This allows you to retain your session credit. You will then have a credit in the system to rebook. Note: If you are unexpectedly late due to unavoidable extenuating circumstances, please email us to reschedule. We will consider your situation on a case by case basis. Please DO NOT come to a session late as it would disturb participants who are already settled in.

To reschedule a session, please “cancel” your session first in your dashboard. Then, visit the booking page in your dashboard to reschedule your session. Please cancel any session you cannot attend at least two hours before your session start time, or you will lose your credit for that session.

Whether you have purchased a package or a single session, your session will become available again in your account after canceling, as long as you cancel more than 2 hours before your previously scheduled session. 

Simply choose the new session you want to book, and proceed to ‘check out’ where you should see a zero balance if you in fact did retain session credit.

Late arrival Policy: If due to unexpected circumstances you will not be able to make your session on time, you will need to text our center manager at 707-722-5273 to cancel and reschedule.

If you have any other questions, please email or text us at: connect@energywavecenter.com, 707-722-5273.

If you are not feeling well, please cancel and reschedule. Please be conscientious and respectful to others attending the session with you. 

NEED HELP? Visit this page for deeper cancelling and rescheduling details.

No, we ask that all participants refrain from wearing any scent, scented products or perfume. This is because some guests are allergic to, or otherwise unable to stay in the room in the presence of these types of strong scents.

Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Avenue North, Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA, 95472

707-722-5273 or to remember the number easily, it is 707-SCALAR-E

There is ample parking at this professional office space. If for any reason the parking lot in front of the office is full, there is more parking to the left of the building and across the street near the 7-Eleven store.

The building is wheelchair accessible. You will find the automatic door to the right on the side of the building with a ramp leading to the elevator.

As you enter the building, go down a few steps and then to the right. Then, either go up the stairs, or take the elevator to the left up to the 3rd floor, Suite 330.

The building is wheelchair accessible. You will find the automatic door to the right on the side of the building with a ramp leading to the elevator. Find out more about accessibility by clicking here. 

You will be greeted by a host when you arrive. Please remove your shoes. You are welcome to bring house slippers or anything comfortable to wear in the center. There will be a coat rack, and a cubby for your shoes and personal items in. The host can answer questions and do their best to support any needs that arise.

  • Please bring your own water in a sealed container.
  • We strongly recommend drinking high quality water before, during and after your experience.
  • The more hydrated and mineralized your body is before and after the session, the better your results will be.
  • We do not currently have drinking water available at the Center.

Feel free to bring a light blanket, ear plugs and an eye mask for the experience. If you are extremely noise sensitive, consider bringing your own noise canceling headphones. Please do not wear any no perfumes, colognes or scents of any kind. No food, open water containers or devices are allowed in the Center. Earplugs and disposable eye masks are available if needed at no charge. Keeping the environment as quiet as possible will ensure everyone’s ability for deep relaxation.

Yes, set your intention for health in the positive. For example, instead of focusing on getting rid of cancer etc., imagine your body in its perfect state of health.  “Every cell in my body is healthy and well”.  This is probably one of the most important points to practice before, during and after your session.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the founder of the EESystem, advises that participants take a detoxing salt bath after their session on the same day, to support the detoxifying effects. You can purchase various salt bath blends online, or create your own blend with 2 cups of sea salt and 2 cups of baking soda. If you do not have a bath, it is good to do a salt scrub in the shower, or a salt water and baking soda foot soak. You can also find more recommendations about detoxing after your experience from Dr. Sandra Rose Michael on the EESystem website: https://www.eesystem.com

In general, yes. However, if you are on specific dosed medicine for things like blood pressure, thyroid issues, insulin or any other medical conditions, please have your doctor or medical professional check to see if dosages need to be modified, since your health may have improved.

Every person is different. Results may vary greatly depending on the individual and what other holistic approaches they are pursuing. Effects will be cumulative. For cases of extreme ill health, multiple sessions over time have shown to be helpful in some cases.

All the existing research has been done by independent third parties, and there have been no contraindications (e.g. for pacemakers, pregnancy, transplants, etcetera), and no adverse side-effects, fields, or interactions have ever been observed in use or research since 1996, as this elegant True BioScalar Technology creates healthy bioactive energetic environments and products.

There is no targeting mechanism or frequency selection for any specific ailment. The technology is designed to provide a field that boosts optimal homeostasis and recharges the entire body on a cellular level for higher functioning.

We are currently hoping to open the Marin location by mid-June of 2023.

Yes, we are blessed to have several complementary and alternative health care practitioners right in the same building as the center.

Dr. Laura Barry, DC is our holistic doctor and advisor who has an office at 120 Pleasant Hill Ave. N. in Sebastopol. Among her advisory services are discussing personal health issues as well as more thorough and in-depth consults and treatments; advanced pain relief technologies; cranial and myofascial release work; and gentle, non-force adjustments.   

Ayurveda Healing Arts
Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Energy Medicine
Dhyana Bohnet, AP, NC, CMT

Nancy Noble

Heart to Body Intuitive Healing
Lani Collins
Massage Therapist, NCMT
Specializing in Deep Tissue Stretching

Herbal Medicine
Connecting body, heart, and soul

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We love testimonials! This will help others who are considering leveraging the power of this modality to choose to benefit from it. Please leave your testimonial on this page. This page is also where you can see other great testimonies that we already have. 

The EESystem is an advanced technology scalar wave device developed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, that has been offered privately for the home during the last 20 years

Visit the EESystem website for testimonials, research papers and Dr. Michael’s journey.

Sandra also has a 3 hour in-depth course on her technology available for purchase at New Earth University.

We are not currently set up for you to be able to bring your pet to a session. However, we are looking into this as a future possibility.