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Dr. Sandra Michael’s Groundbreaking Discovery on the Evolution of Healing

Recorded Live from Soft Medicine in Sebastopol

The Energy Wave Center is excited to offer the replay of this exclusive in-person and livestreamed presentation and talk by renowned scientist and health practitioner,  Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

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About the Presentation & Talk

The Energy Wave Center™ presents renowned scientist and health practitioner Dr. Sandra Rose Michael as a unique opportunity to learn about the story behind the revolutionary Energy Enhancement System, which promotes cellular regeneration and detoxification to achieve next-level wellbeing.

The Energy Enhancement System utilizes scalar wave technology and biophotonic energy to empower the body’s self-healing mechanism.  Scalar wave technology emulates a powerful rejuvenating field, naturally present in all living things and the earth itself. The thousands of profound testimonials received, along with scientific research, demonstrate the significance of her work in human health. She will passionately share her discoveries, accomplishments, and realizations.

Welcome to a new era of energetic therapy that can help you achieve your maximum potential!

Event Highlights

  • Hear Dr. Sandra Michael share first-hand insights on the development and efficacy of the Energy Enhancement System

  • Understand what bio-active scalar fields and biophotons are 

  • Learn about her 25 years of scientific research and development that proved how this cutting-edge technology works

  • Discover the transformative results reported, including increased energy, physical rejuvenation, pain relief, improved immune function, stress reduction, synchronized brain function, trauma reduction, improved ALS symptoms, post-surgery recovery, improved blood markers, and more!

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About Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Pioneering Scientist and Inventor Revolutionizing Human Health

With a lifelong mission to heal humanity and the world, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has dedicated over 45 years to scientific research and holistic health practices. Her groundbreaking work in applied integrative biophysics has garnered international recognition and transformed the field of healing and led to the creation of the EESystem.

Dr. Michael’s journey began with the rediscovery of the scalar wave field, originally shared by the visionary Nikola Tesla. Drawing upon this knowledge, she designed the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), which has been utilized in private homes for over two decades. The public release of the EESystem two years ago led to the establishment of over 400 centers worldwide, including the event host location, Energy Wave Center™ in Sebastopol.

As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and PhD, Dr. Michael’s expertise extends beyond her invention of the EESystem. She has taught holistic health for several decades and is renowned for inventing the first effective Scalar Healing Light Chamber in 1978. Her pioneering work in applied integrative biophysics has earned her prestigious accolades, including recognition in Presidential and International Who’s Who.

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