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Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Ave. N. , Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA, 95472

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Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Avenue North, Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA, 95472

Arriving: Please arrive up to 20 minutes before your session begins, to settle comfortably into your seat. We share important information promptly at start time.

Directions for coming to our space at the Energy Wave Center:

  • As you come into the building either go up the stairs, or take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Wheelchair Access:

  • The building is wheelchair accessible. You will find the automatic door to the right on the side of the building with a ramp leading to the elevator. 

There is ample parking at this professional office space. If for any reason the parking lot right across from the office is full there is more parking to the left of the office, or across the street near the 7/Eleven store.

Late arrival Policy: If due to unexpected circumstances you will not be able to make your session on time, you will need to text our center manager at (707) 722-5273 to cancel and reschedule.

Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy make link

We require a 2-hour notice to cancel a session and keep the credit for a future session.

If you have any other questions, please email or text us at:, (707) 722-5273.

If you are not feeling well, please cancel and reschedule: Please be conscientious and respectful to others attending the session with you. If you do get Covid please make sure you test negative before you reschedule.

Coming into the Center: You will be greeted by a “host” when you arrive. There is a coat rack and a shoe cubby. You are welcome to bring house slippers. The Hosts will be able to answer any questions and support any needs you may have. The center is scent free to protect our sensitive clients. Please do not wear perfumes, colognes or scents of any kind.

Session Protocol: No food, open water containers, or devices are allowed in the center. You are encouraged to bring water in a sealed container, a light blanket, ear plugs and an eye mask for the experience. If required we have earplugs and  disposable eye and face masks at no charge. If you are extremely noise sensitive consider bringing your own “noise canceling headphones. We request that you keep the environment as quiet as possible, to ensure everyone’s ability for deep relaxation. 

We strongly recommend drinking high quality water before, during and after your experience. The more hydrated and mineralized your body is before and after the session, the better your results will be.

Setting your intention: To optimize your outcomes, consider connecting to your higher power and creating your intention. As we all know, the intention of your mind and spirit can magnify your experience and results.

Salt Bath after your experience: It is advised to take a detoxing Salt bath, foot bath or salt scrub on the same day, after your session. Click here for details.

Your Evolving Health Journey: Dr. Sandra Michael Rose is clear that the EESystem technology is an incredible support system, but the body and spirit are the true healers. So along with the EESystem support, she advises that you follow other recommended holistic health protocols with a healthy diet, additional detoxing programs, movement and exercise, as well as spiritual practice.

Sharing about the Energy Wave Center: Please share the EESystem with your friends and family. Our website address is
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Debra Giusti, Jeffrey Edelheit, and Gabriele Gatdula

Phone hours:
Monday to Friday, 9 am to noon
(707) 722-5273