Results Far Beyond your Face!

A Dynamic Face & Body Method
Your Face and Body’s Future Starts Now!

4-Class Series Tuesdays: May 21 and June 11, 18 & 25

2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
$45 each or $150 for all 4

Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Avenue North • Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA 95472


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Begin your Journey with

The Bigio Method for Ageless Beauty, Natural Vitality & Whole-Body Wellbeing

Obtain proven results to radically reframe aging with grace and confidence, practical and successful tools and tips, where you see and feel changes—even in the first session. Jumpstart your Body Transformation naturally with The Bigio Method. My passion is to put the power of your rejuvenation in your own hands, quickly and easily.

  • Tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing how you’ve aged?
  • Has your face “fallen”? Crepe or turkey neck, sagging jawline, more wrinkles?
  • Your attitude about aging and health has you more worried?
  • Want support with your body and brain so you LOOK and FEEL better?

Teri’s promise is that you can sculpt, tone and rejuvenate your face, skin and body—beyond other face yoga programs—and uplevel your approach to life.

Additionally, you will be bathed in the Energy Wave Center’s Scalar wave healing activation frequencies.

NOTE: If you did the 1st set of classes, please attend again! Learn NEW approaches, ENHANCE your practice, REFINE your lifestyle.

The Bigio Method~ Face & Body Rejuvenation

In this series of 3 classes, 2-hours long, each is designed to stand on their own or be taken as a whole program. It is a powerful adjunct to regular exercise and proper nutrition. Long-term benefits are cumulative and enduring.

SESSION 1: Tuesday June 11: “Radiant Beginnings: Unlocking Youthful Bliss for Forehead and Neck” and “Shift Your Thinking”

Tuesday June 18: “Cheek Chic ~ Smoothing, Lifting and Sculpting Jowls & Jawline, and Chin & Cheeks” & “Have Pro-Aging be Powerful in Your Life!” 

SESSION 3: Tuesday June 25: “Luscious Lips ~ from Lines to Laughter!” and “Body Brushing to Detoxify Your Body and Create Better Circulation” Putting it All Together! 

Then we will put all the exercises together to be practical and memorable, and help you create the moving meditation that makes these exercises flow together.


  • Immediate visible results
  • Minimize skin sagging and fine lines
  • Maximize skin radiance and firmness
  • Softens wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Tightens skin – double chin, jowls and crepe neck
  • Releases muscle tension – allowing fresh blood to enter the surface of the skin
  • Improves circulation — oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells
  • A more youthful appearance and enhanced thinking

… Love the way you look!