Ageless Beauty Over 40…
or Any Age

A Dynamic Face & Body Method
Your Face and Body’s Future Starts Now!

4-Class Series Tuesdays: February 6, February 13, March 12 & March 19​

2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
$45 each or $150 for all 4

Energy Wave Center
120 Pleasant Hill Avenue North • Suite 330
Sebastopol, CA 95472


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Begin your Journey with

The Bigio Method for Ageless Beauty, Natural Vitality & Whole-Body Wellbeing

Relax • Reawaken • Restore • Rejuvenate

Imagine combining the powerful advanced healing of the Energy Wave Center’s Scalar wave technology with a dynamic and proven method of face, skin and body transformation exercises to radically reframe aging.

Teri blends science with a series of effective and enjoyable exercises and movements that are original, easy and elegant, and are natural. You can create your skin and body to be more youthful and supple, have a greater connection to yourself, enhanced vitality and evoke better brain health. Your face and body’s future starts… Now!

We all face aging, whether it is the years rolling by or being affected by health challenges. What are your issues and concerns around aging? Or are you younger and already noticing the changes in your face and body? Truly, activating the health of your face and skin can help with reversing aging and empower you into your pro-aging years.

You will experience an artful practice, like a moving meditation, that transcends conventional skincare. This is even beyond other face yoga programs. Each of these specialized exercises produces expressions of vitality, designed to sculpt, tone and rejuvenate your facial and body skin and muscles. As life’s tapestry unfolds, let your face and body embody the luminosity and grace that resides within you. This program is based on the fact that the skin, our largest organ, is a resilient, self-reproducing and protective covering for the body.

You will be bathed in the Energy Wave Center’s Scalar wave activation to assist in all aspects of these exercises and procedures.

Each of the four 2-hour classes is designed to stand on its own, or be taken together as a whole program. Teri will guide you to enhance your natural beauty and more, as well as use these exercises to flush out toxins and cleanse the body’s tissues by circulating blood, lymphatic fluid and oxygen. It is a powerful and genuine adjunct to regular exercise and proper nutrition. The long-term benefits are cumulative and enduring. 

SESSION 1: Tuesday February 6
“Radiant Beginnings: Unlocking Youthful Bliss for Forehead and Neck”

Your face future starts now. By using your own hands, this method can soften lines and release tension in your forehead, increase skin elasticity, activate the brain and vibrancy, firm and tighten neck skin, smooth crepe or turkey neck, and aid in opening your fifth chakra. You’ll see quick results and recognize how simple and enjoyable it is to do. You’ll receive Teri’s Tips on the “elevens”, skin and facial rejuvenation and find out why “wrinkles are not wrinkles”.

 SESSION 2: Tuesday February 13:
“Cheek Chic ~ Smoothing, Lifting and Sculpting Jowls & Jawline, and Chin & Cheeks”

Sculpt your cheeks and reduce your jowls that are results of losing skin elasticity. You’ll learn effective massage techniques to lift and smooth your cheek skin, and decrease the effects of gravity and loss of collagen and elastin as we age. Activate lymphatic drainage, increase blood flow and nerve ending activation which positively effects our entire nervous system. You will naturally reverse the way your skin looks and how you think about your aging process.

SESSION 3: Tuesday March 12
“Luscious Lips ~ from Lines to Laughter!” and “Body Brushing to Detoxify Your Body and Create Better Circulation”

Do you want to reduce the “bar code” of your lips and the “marionette” lines that have you frown when you look in the mirror? In this session, your lines can soften, the mouth can become more symmetrical and expressive. Plumps lips. Then you will learn to enjoy a dry body brushing process for smoother skin, better circulation, improved immunity and exfoliation. It is based on a concept of “5”, and helps break down and remove cellulite. It is inexpensive and invigorating! You will also receive a GIFT of exfoliation gloves from Teri.

SESSION 4: Tuesday March 19
“Eye Enchantment and Facial Finale: Putting it All Together!”

This final session will help you soften “crow’s feet” and lessen eye bags. Open your eyes to a new view of the world around you.

Then we will put all the exercises together to be practical and memorable, and help you create the moving meditation that makes these exercises flow easily.

Go home having tools and instructions in your own hands that visibly demonstrate results.


  • Immediate visible results
  • Minimize skin sagging and fine lines
  • Maximize skin radiance and firmness
  • Softens wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Tightens skin – double chin, jowls and crepe neck
  • Releases muscle tension – allowing fresh blood to enter the surface of the skin
  • Improves circulation — oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells
  • A more youthful appearance and enhanced thinking

… so you can also love the way you look! 


Teri has been a guide on this journey for over 20 years for Face and Body rejuvenation and Ageless Beauty. Many locals have known her over the years with her previous face and body massage practice in Sebastopol, and it would be wonderful to see you again! Since that time, She has developed a proven, effective series of programs and exercise that are natural and produce results quickly. Why? She wanted you to have this simplified method in your own hands. 

Introducing The Bigio Method of Whole Body Health, Natural Vitality, and Ageless Beauty for women and men of any age

It’s enjoyable and easy. As a Certified Massage Therapist, Teri enjoys working directly with clients to revitalize aging skin and rediscover the luminosity that resides within. Beyond teaching, she also works directly with clients for massage and face and body exercises in the SF Bay Area and worldwide, both in person and on Zoom. Ask her about programs to transform your body and approach to aging.

“Beauty inside and out has no age, and your skin holds the key. Let’s unlock your skin’s true potential together.” ~ Teri Bigio